Using CPYSPLF to extract spool files via the IFS

I am currently without iSeries Navigator (or IACS, for that matter). I have a 5250 emulator, of course, but nothing else, which makes for an interesting challenge when I want to email a spool file to someone.

Fortunately, there’s CPYSPLF:

The Copy Spooled File (CPYSPLF) command copies the data records in the specified spooled file either to a user-defined physical database file or to a stream file. This allows the use of spooled files in applications using microfiche, data communications, or data processing.

It’s the stream file that makes it handy and allows me to do something like this:


And now I have a text file, called OutputTextFile.txt, sitting in my home folder in the IFS. And that is just an FTP GET away.

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